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About Us

Fly away portal L.L.C Company is an eRepository that acts as an intermediary to provide services in an easier, simpler and faster way in the era of speed and technology, it connects the customer to the service providers through smart platforms in several fields.



Make the search for any service simple, easy and fast by adopting innovative and integrated forms of service delivery as an intermediary between organizations and users.



To be the first provider of eServices in the Middle East.

Our Values

Focusing on the individual

Making an individual's experience a priority in providing service through a coordinated network of services that meets the needs of individuals and ensures their comfort, and elevates the level of aspirations, expectations and preferences of individuals. They also included their involvement in decision-making on various services.

Accountability and Transparency

To be concerned about the community to provide services in all fields. Through the development of a transparent accountability and accountability system that tracks the decision-making process related to the provision of the service and ensures the results of its outputs.

Manpower Motivation

Creating an attractive and stimulating environment for the talented workforce, with the aim of building a skilled and accomplished workforce to provide exceptional care that enhances user confidence.


The continuous pursuit to raise the value of the services provided through the optimal use of resources to enhance the efficiency of the service.


Adopting an innovative and multidisciplinary approach that strives to improve the lives of the society members.


Aspire to achieve the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in the delivery of services.

Our Apps Are


User- friendly




Saving time and effort

Life Medical App

Life Medical is the first platform we have set up to facilitate booking medical appointments within the UAE.

  • App goal

    Life Medical App helps you to find and book the best doctors in your area.

  • App features

    Saves time, easy advanced search, ease of booking, you will be able to read others' ratings and share your experience.

  • Medical Establishments Enrollment

    Where you can register your hospital / clinic in the Life Medical App.

  • Save your time with Life App

    Life Medical App is available on any mobile device! Download now to get started!

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